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A safe place to Share

build your own private infertility support network.

Introducing, pineapl—an exclusive membership-based social networking app designed to connect you with those who can truly relate. Build your profile, view close matches, and hand-select your own private infertility support community.

infertility community Social App


get matched with people facing similar challenges, and build a private support community, separate from your social or personal life.


safely discuss intimate conversations, with people who truly understand. avoid harmful or hurtful online experiences which may upset you.


control your in-app experience. hide pregnancy-related and intimate content and enjoy an ad-free community, away from insensitive sponsored posts.

private infertility support network

meet Kristen, our co-founder…

"You and I share the same reason for being here. When I discovered that I was infertile, I turned to online communities for support and understanding. But I soon realised that existing social platforms and forums aren't built for people like me. They are either ill-equipped for intimate discussions, lack privacy assurances, demand strict compliance to 'catch-all' rules—which make it difficult to speak candidly—or they are simply outdated and old fashioned. Like you, I'm tired of the infertility community having to make compromises on our wants, needs and feelings, so I created pineapl—the place where YOU get to build and control the kind of network YOU need."

the first social media platform dedicated to infertility

a safe place to share.

pineapl is designed to facilitate intimate, infertility-related conversations. control what you want to see, and exactly who you want to share with—no accidental visibility to friends, family or co-workers.


538 people spoke.
we listened.

on THE condition of anonymity, 538 people from around the world TOLD US WHAT IT’S LIKE TO swap stories and sharE experiences ABOUT INFERTILITY ONLINE. IN 10 QUESTIONS, WE GATHERED INFORMATION ON HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT THE CURRENT STATE OF ONLINE COMMUNITIES, THEIR ONLINE SAFETY AND privacy concerns, and what THEIR ideal social networking platform LOOKS LIKE. this is what they said:



use online platforms to connect with others facing similar experiences to them. 39% avoid online platforms due to privacy concerns.


of those who use online platforms to connect with others facing similar experiences to them, are concerned with who is able to see their online discussions.


prefer, or sometimes prefer, to speak to others facing similar or identical experiences to them, but 45% find it difficult to source and connect with those people.



+ how can i help?

we’re going to be releasing more information soon about how you can get involved to help us bring pineapl to fruition. sign up for email updates here, to be notified when this information becomes available.

+ what's with the fruit?

the pineapple has long since been recognised as a symbol for infertility and trying to conceive. there are two theories as to why...

  1. its high concentrations of bromelain—an enzyme believed to reduce inflammation in the body, thereby assisting with embryo implantation.

  2. its etymology—the word "pineapple" in english was first recorded to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees, which the crown of the later-discovered fruit closely resembled.

the pineapple is also widely recognised as a symbol of friendship, warmth and welcome—three things you can look forward to when the app is released.

+ what makes pineapl different from other social networks?

pineapl is the first social media platform dedicated to infertility, that allows you to build your own support network to confide in. unlike existing online forums and community or group-features within other platforms, pineapl offers you the ability to:

  1. it will match you with individuals who are facing the exact same, or similar experiences as you

  2. it will allow you to pick and choose who you want to invite and accept into your network

  3. it will keep your infertility-related conversations, updates and questions away from anyone you don't want to see

  4. it will allow you to control what kind of content you're exposed to (e.g. hide pregnancy-related content and avoid sensitive posts)

  5. it will protect your emotions from insensitive sponsored posts and advertisements

+ what does membership-based mean?

you will pay a small monthly fee—WHICH IS ABOUT THE SAME PRICE AS A CUP OF COFFEE. this allows us to do three things:

  1. build for you: not relying on advertising to fund pineapl, means you, rather than businesses, have control over the growth and development of the platform.

  2. maintain your privacy: going ad-free means advertisers can't leverage your medical and personal data to manipulate your emotions and profit from it. Your risk of exposure to insensitive sponsored posts is therefore eliminated.

  3. build a genuine community for you: being surrounded by people who are emotionally and financially invested in the platform means you will feel heard and understood by others who can truly relate and who are not there to spectate, mislead or wreak havoc.

People who aren’t going through it really just don’t understand. Connecting with people who are facing similar issues means we can lean on each other without feeling like a burden.
— H. M, Canada
I want to choose with whom and how I share. Strangers have become friends when we share similar experiences.
There isn’t really a way to ask anonymous questions on [facebook] without going through an admin. I also wish there was an app that was geared towards those with infertility or going through fertility treatments.
— K. L, U.S.A


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pineapl is currently under development. to find out how you can help make it a reality, Sign up for email updates below. not only will we tell you how you can get involved, but we will email you with news and updates about pineapl’s development progress.

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